Thank You Notes

I cleaned my office yesterday, which was a real accomplishment since that’s the room where everything gets thrown when we have company and the room with all of the paper build up. I can usually get to cleaning about one room every couple of days which would work out well except by the end of the week where ever I started has already cluttered up again. I know that if I was really dedicated I would be able to keep up with it (you know the old put things away when your done with them routine) but somehow I just can’t quite catch on.

Anyway, when I was cleaning the office I found all of my old Thank you notes that needed to be written for all of the baby showers. Now I advize that as quickly as you can get those thank you notes in the mail box after your showers don’t wait around. In my case I had every intention of getting them done before Hunter came, and I did have a lot of them written, but he came three weeks early and those thank you notes have been nothing but a thorn in my side ever since. I knew they were here and I had this horrible sense of shame pushing me to get them done, but like I said before I can’t even keep one room in my house clean… so I finally threw them away. I know this may sound shocking and scandalous to some of you but since becoming a mother I’ve realized I have to give myself permission to slack off somewhere. I can’t do it all, and I’d rather spend time cooing at my son, then writing notes for something that happened months and months ago.

Please don’t misunderstand me I am extremely grateful for all of the gifts, I had no idea babies cost so much and required so many things. And it was wonderful seeing my family and friends, knowing that they were there for me and excited about my baby too. All of it was so nice, but I can’t keep up with everything and I’ve decided to let this go. I will confess that when I threw them in the trash bag, it was like this huge weight off my shoulders and I actually got this sick pleasure hearing all those old cards hit the bottom of the bag with a thwoosh!

So to any one who reads this and never recieved a thank you note from me, thank you I apprieciate so much your love and carring, please know it was taken to heart, and I ask you to forgive me for not having the energy to get those cute little notes out to the mailbox. For those of you who may read this and are expecting or are struggling to get your thank you notes written let me be the one to give you permission to not do it. Remember there are other things that are more important in your life right now, and will be for eighteen years, if not forever. You won’t be able to do everything so give yourself permission to be ok with that, I have, well at least I’m working towards being ok with that. And let me tell you it’s nice being able to look into the face of my son and know in my heart that those notes don’t matter all that much.


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