I’m a Proud Mama

My entry today will probably be short I don’t have a lot on my mind I’m still getting back to normal from our wonderful trip.

I want to announce that Hunter rolled from his back to stomach and then back again, and again. He’s been getting close and then all of a sudden today bam while we were watching the Walton’s (don’t ask, he likes it and it’s sort of a sweet show)he flopped over onto his stomach and then practically lifted himself up (like he was soaring) to look around. He’s so cute when he lifts up his head to look around. So I called his dad at work, and when he rushed home at lunch Hunter refused to show him. He seemed quite happy to lay on his back and coo, then when his dad left, I am not joking, he rolled over not even five minutes later.

It’s exciting how much of an independent person he is already. I mean it almost seems like he’s going to open his mouth and tell me an important story. I just can’t believe how much of a personality he has.

I’ve also been trying to get him used to going down for a nap. He goes to bed really well at night but naps are torture (a peek at what may be a stubborn streak in his personality)? So I’ve been doing the bed training we did at night for nap time but oh my you’d think I was killing him. He’ll be sleeping in my arms barely conscious and as soon as I put him in his crib “aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!” So I’ll wait five minutes (glued to my watch) then go in try not to make eye contact and give him back his pacifier, leave wait five more minutes until he finally (in what is literally one second) falls asleep. He’ll actually pull his pacifier out of his mouth to keep himself awake. One of the times I went in there he had the most pathetic look on his face with his fist stuffed in his mouth and big old tears, it broke my heart but I knew he was tired the way my mom always knows when I’m tired. We’ve gone from an hour fight to fall asleep to thirty minutes to now we’re at about fifteen.


One thought on “I’m a Proud Mama

  1. Hello my favorite new mommy! We have interent now so hopefully i can keep in better contact with you. It was so nice seeing you last week. I love you and i love your stories… i also really liked your memoires from Ranger… what fun. I hope you have a great day and get your lovely nap 🙂

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