How stubborn can a baby be?

It is amazing to me how stubborn a little baby can be? I think we must have pulled him off the television a million times, we even slapped his “patties” and then he would yell at us and right back to it he would go, amazing. And why does he love the things he shouldn’t have. For instance in the kitchen I have moved all dangerous and breakable things off of the lower shelves and replaced them with cook books that he can pull down and look at (wet his appetite to be a connesure of fine foods) tupperware, spatulas and plastic cups all things that he can play with and bang on and roll around. And he likes them all right but they don’t hold a candle to the amazement that is the dog’s bowl of food and water. What wonders those containers hold how incredible it is to splash in the drooly yucky water and is there a food that tastes better then those round dry dog bites of glory? I would contest that there isn’t at least not to an almost one year old. I’ve taken to keeping the baby gate cornered over the dogs food (which annoys the dog when hours later I’ve forgotten to remove it).

Even outside where there are new and dirty things every where the first thing he crawls to is the dog’s outside dish of water, the one with floating dead bugs in it. Don’t get me wrong he loves sticking leaves in his mouth and can always find the path with the least amount of grass and the most dirt, but he’s always making his way to the water dish. And yet when I put him in his sand box, he just looks at me like I’m crazy, “Hey mom why am I sitting in a box of dirt?”. He does like to swing though, we have this outside baby swing rigged up to the clothes line (at least we’re using the clothes line for something) and I’ll push him and make up rhyms and tickle his feet while I also throw the slimy frisbee to the dog. It really is multi tasking at it’s best.

It’s fun though, He’s so cute even when he’s naughty I sometimes have a hard time not laughing at him.


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