Hunter has finally cut two more teeth, and he’s back to his happy go lucky self. Ugg, why does it take so long for those teeth to come in? He’ll be one year old Friday, can you believe it?

We played a really fun game today. We were both sitting on my bed and I had my legs spread out to make a sort of barrier so that Hunter wouldn’t crawl off the side. He was in a tickly mood and was really giggly. So I would stand him up on his feet then let go of him to see how well he could balance. It wasn’t long and then he would topple over and start laughing hysterically. It was great! It’s moments like those when you think “my life could never be more perfect”.

Here’s the last of the pre-one year old videos, I hope you enjoy it as much as he enjoys swimming. Back when we had to hold him up and make sure he didn’t tip over into the water, now he gets on his stomach and slides all over the pool kicking like a frog. He even sticks his face into the water with no reservations, he’s a bit too fearless.


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