A New Bed and New Eye Glasses

A lot has been going on in Hunter’s life recently, not that he seems to care as much as I do.  He is pretty much potty trained, I mean he is doing exceptionally well, praise the Lord.  He just got a new twin size bed today and he went to the eye doctor for the first time.

Let’s start with the bed, it’s huge!!! My gosh if he falls off that thing he’s liable to break a limb yikes.  It’s cool though it has drawers in it and a cubby (which he fits in for now).  and the head board has some shelves built into them although I don’t know what I could put up there that he wouldn’t play with when it was time to go to bed.  It was a blessing everything we looked at was way more then we had budgeted and our house is so small I really wanted something with storage in it.  We found this bed at Value City Furniture, which contrary to it’s name has really nice things in there.  (I wish we had looked there for our couch).  And it was almost exactly what I wanted.

Now onto the eye doctor.  I took him in not because I thought he needed it, but because I needed glasses so young I just wanted to make sure.  You know catch it early so as not to impede his learning etc.  I was worried about his colors though, I mean he’s a smart kid and some of those colors just seem to allude him.  There is no color blindness in our family that I know of but better safe then sorry right?  Well Hunter did great as far as behaving goes but he failed almost every test they threw at him.  He does need glasses, can you imagine a three year old in glasses!?  How am I going to keep them on his face?  And this is going to sound stupid but I don’t want to cover up those beautiful blue eyes.  Then he also did very poorly on the color testing.  The doctor said it could be a recessive gene.  I’m upset.  I know it’s stupid but I feel like this is my fault.  Brian has perfect eyesight and I really assumed my children would end up with his, but no Hunter is far sighted with a stigmatism just like him mom.  And what really gets me is that he may have some form of color blindness (not total he see blue and red and brown) that makes me feel so sad; I mean he is going to miss out on so much of God’s beauty, so many things…

The doctor said the color tests are inconclusive because it’s hard to know if a three year old can’t see something or just doesn’t understand what we’re asking we’ll know for sure with in a year.  Please pray with me.  I know God can heal his sight totally, which as someone who’s worn glasses practically my whole like can attest, that would be great, but please pray that God can heal him of the color thing.  One in eight males suffer from some form of color blindness (maybe all males when asked which shade they like better for paint ha ha) but I don’t want my sons to be one of them.  I want Hunter to see all of God’s glory every single shade.


3 thoughts on “A New Bed and New Eye Glasses

  1. Jess,We will be praying for Hunter but I also wanted to share with you that I too thought the samething about Gabe all last year. He would call EVERYTHING orange. He to is way to smart and I really was getting upset with the fact that he would not nor could not tell me any color except orange. Then all of the sudden one day he pointed at something that was green and said "Green is my new favorite color". I was like WHAT???? From that point on he would just start "picking" a new favorite color and he truly knows what each one of them are. I will pray that this is the same for Hunter and that he just is stuck in a phase like Gabe was. Love you and think of you often.

  2. Sweet Jessie,You are such an awesome Mom. You were just getting ready to go into kindergarten when I found out you needed glasses. I, like you was very upset. I remember crying and then feeling guilty because you were so healthy and beautiful and I didn't feel I had a right to be upset about glasses. But I was. It's a Mom thing. Hunter will be even more adorable in glasses just like you were! We will pray for him and for you. I love you so much. You are a gem. Love your Mom

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