email problems

I thought that when I published a new post that it was sending everyone in my email list something that said “jessie has published a new post” with a link, I just found out that it is actually sending my post to your inbox.  This feels really pushy and forward to me I am so sorry I had no idea that was happening.  I am going to ask a friend how she manages things like that I don’t know if it’s even possible to change it but please know I am working on the problem.  My friend who let me know this was happening told me that sometimes she doesn’t get the entire post like pictures and videos and stuff and lets be honest that’s the most exciting part.  If you don’t want my posts clogging up your inbox I totally understand just email me and I will take your address off the list, (this will not hurt my feelings) if you like getting them in your inbox then enjoy until further notice.

Meanwhile back at the homestead…
The leaves are falling down like crazy and when it’s not raining (which is like two days in the last week, do we live in Seattle or something) it is beautiful.

This is what it looked like when I started raking

Every time I turned around this one was chewing on leaves, yummy!
Mom you have a leaf in your hair!

awww aren’t they cute

This is why I had kids to do the work!!

And this is what it looked like three hours later when Brian got home!!!

I value your comments and read every one!

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