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I’ve got the flue

Oh I should have added a bottle of Canadian Dry to this picture.

I’ve got the flue, or something broncial/ fever/ my hips are aching sooo bad.  Plus of course if I’m sick (or tired, or thirsty, or have watched too much tv) I also have a headache.  Please don’t feel too bad for me, I feel a lot better then I did yesterday and I’m hoping I’ll feel even better tomorrow.  Really the worst thing with being sick is the paranoia that every one else in the house is going to catch it.  I hate hate having sick children, it makes me feel so completely helpless and super on edge because they aren’t old enough to get to the bathroom on time, or tell me what’s wrong.  Then there’s the problem of wondering “should I take them to the doctors?” it’s just horrible.  I would rather be sick ten times then have my kids get sick.  I don’t like it when Brian’s sick either, he’s hard to take care of and then I get tired from dealing with the kids (isn’t that horrible to say?) all by myself.  All this to say that I know a lot of women who’s husbands aren’t that good at managing the house with out them or realizing when they’re wives really are ill but my husband is so good at taking care of me, which is probably not that easy because I am a baby when I’m sick (our roles must be reversed in this area) I am a winer when I don’t feel good, and if I’m running a fever I cry a lot, it’s like my body temperature is directly related to my tear ducts.

Today we had planned a youth event that we were going to take Hunter too and already had a babysitter lined up for conner, so that ended up working out as well as it could.  I get to be at home a lone with a big pile of christmas movies.  I’m hoping that they’ll finally get me motivated to decorate and sew (I love christmas but it’s been so warm here I keep forgetting that it’s already November).  And Conner’s babysitter, a friend of mine from church just called to say she’s making us dinner isn’t that so sweet?  I mean for someone that’s not even your mom or grandma to take care of you like that?  That’s the church family in action.

So now, after sanitizing all the toys, books, door knobs, and surfaces, after putting all the pacifiers, bottles, and sippy cups through the bottle sanitizer I have to decide what to watch.  I’ll probably go with Irving Berlin’s White Christmas because I can get Brian or the kids to watch the other ones with me but he really hates White Christmas and I love it.  I consider the movies in the above photo to be the best Christmas movies ever (I’m even having a hard time accepting that there is a new Christmas Carol coming out because I love the muppits so much).  What are your favorite christmas movies?  If you haven’t tried The Muppits Christmas Carol, you really should it’s brilliant and I think that It’s a Wonderful Life is actually one of the best movies ever made.

Well I’m exhausted it’s off to a cup of ginger ale and a nap, then a movie, I hope all your days are germ free!

One thought on “I’ve got the flue

  1. Best Christmas movies of all time.Elf, Muppets Christmas Carol and Charlie Browns Christmas! In that order. Muppets used to be my favorite, but Elf has taken the number one spot. It has everything you want in a Christmas movie. Went and saw the new Christmas Carol that is out right now. It was good, but the Muppets still has my pick for best Christmas Carol movie. Love you, MOM

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