Welcome back to the Land of the Living

Well the flue is finally behind us.  I hate getting sick because it doesn’t just end with you no matter how careful you are, no matter how many times you sanitize someone else is going to get sick and then someone else after them.  Brian ended up catching it at almost the same time as me so there we were sick as dogs with no one to watch the children.  Although we did have a couple of friends and neighbors who ended up taking a kid here for a couple hours and making us dinner there, thank goodness for the kindness of others.

Hunter watched way too much television and ate way to many weird dinners, poor kid.  He was the only one who managed to come out of it almost clean, he ran a very low fever for a couple of days but I don’t think he even noticed.  Conner ran a fever for a good five days and they both ended up with runny noses which was a little strange since that’s not what happened to Brian and I.  We really missed Maddie because apparently she is a baby entertainer, Conner was sooooo needy and now today she’s back and he’s his happy little self again.

Now it seems to finally have ran it’s course and while I’m still getting tired easy I think we’re finally back to normal.  Of course I had to dig our way out of the house, especially the bedroom where we had been living, and since we had done nothing but lay around I finally was inspired to get out the christmas decorations which I know is early for some but late for me.  I like to get it out because I always dust really well, so everything seems clean and it’s just a nice break from my regular decorations.  I love Christmas anyway but it’s good because when I take christmas down in a couple of months I’ll have a greater appreciation for all of my other decorations, books and tea pots etc.


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