It’ll be the perfect ending to a perfect day

This weekend my dear friend Megan came to visit and her and another friend and I went to Marshal to shop.  Marshal is one of those towns that seems like it stepped out of a black and white film, especially at Christmas.  It was so fun, I love those little shops, bakeries, and antique stores it’s such a welcome break from the cookie cutter shops and merchandise of the mall.   After our shopping day we went to a birthday party for another dear friend (it was a weekend of dear friends).  It reminded me of the line in sleigh ride that goes “There’s a birthday party at the home of farmer grey, It’ll be the perfect ending to a perfect day…” and while we didn’t eat popcorn, pumpkin pie or tell ghost stories it was a nice ending to a nice day (Hunter beat her husband Mike at wii boxing that was very entertaining).  Makes the holidays seem so warm, does that make sense?

Sunday was the ugly sweater party.  A girl with a sweater with a row of cats followed by a row of hearts followed by a row of bows followed by a row flowers followed by a row of mice was narrowly defeated for best ugliest sweater by a girl with a sweater that looked like a sweater factory had thrown up on her.  It was good fun and we had a decent crowd and all the kids were friendly.  They brought a good amount of stuff for project santa which we’ll deliver today.

I am busy every night which isn’t really my style but it’s all fun things.  I just hate that Christmas gets over so soon, I feel like I just got the decorations out.  I’d like to slow things down sit in front of my imaginary fire place, sip tea and embroider something (no I am not ninety.)  Oh well just have to enjoy the moments.


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