I Made a Dress.

I made this dress.  I had a vision in my head.  I picked out the fabric.  I cut out the pattern.  I painstakingly transfered all markings from the pattern onto the fabric and cut out the pieces.  I worked on this dress for a long time.
It is cherries and pink checks.  It is a homage to summer time as a little girl.  It even matches this necklace I made out of vintage buttons, this dress was sewn very well and looks so good on the dress form.
This dress looks terrible on me.  I am not being picky or sensitive, it really truly, looks horrific on me!
Maybe Megan can do something to help it.  Maybe it will look good on my pregnant sister (since that is what it does make one look pregnant), maybe it was a bad idea and I should stop wasting time sewing dresses for myself.  Maybe I need to put away the sewing machine and do some actual laundry, and cooking and cleaning.  Maybe… On the other hand I do have a great idea for a little dress for Maddie…

3 thoughts on “I Made a Dress.

  1. Jess it looks so cute. You also said Conners Birthday outfit was not cute and it was sooo cute and looked great on him. Are you sure your not being too critical. I want to see a picture of it on you. You are your own worst critic after all! I love you. Mom

  2. No mom I promise I am not being critical. I actually think it was sewn fairly well, it makes my boobs look like they go down to my knees!! And that's in my new eighty dollar bra!

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