Today was the first day of preschool and I’m not sure if it actually counts because it was only an hour long and some of the other mom’s and I stayed (easier then going home and coming back) but I like to think it was because I hate starting something new like this.  I hate not knowing what to expect and I hate being on some one else’s schedule and I hate not knowing how my child is going to do.

I’ve been nervous for a month and sick to my stomach over it for days.  I cried on the way home from the open house and nearly died when Hunter took my hand as we walked into the school and said as excited as could be, “Mom are you ready for this?” No, I am not ready for this!!!  Of course I didn’t let my son see any of this I don’t want him to be hampered by any of my weirdness. So today when I tiptoed into his room, cursing the early morning time, and shook him gently I was happy to see him rip back his covers bolt out of bed and run to the table with a huge smile on his face.  I’m not sure how he managed to get his eggos down because I can’t remember him not talking or taking a breath the entire time.  We dressed quickly and then undressed because the new pants that he tried on in the store were now miraculously too big for him.  Finally dressed and looking so handsome he immediately puts his back pack on and wears it until we leave.

I’m so nervous we leave too early and have to sit in the car because the doors aren’t unlocked yet.  But soon it starts and he is good, so good, and he talks and plays and isn’t scared or timid… Except the time the teacher gets out her guitar case and tells the kids her friend Gary is going to come out and play.  Hunter puts up his hands and says “no don’t get him out!” practically crying “great” I think “they’re gonna wonder what kid of horrible mom not only writes down the wrong birthday on her kids registration but also torments him with musical instruments.” (FYI as soon as she got out the guitar he smiled a sheepish smile and sighed with relief,  and getting your kids birthday wrong could happen to any one, right?  RIGHT?)

And I made it home with out crying and with a feeling of pride and relief; Go me…  Then I walked in the door got a massive headache went in the bedroom and cried.

First day of school for two best friends was a SUCCESS!

One thought on “Preschool

  1. I can't believe how big the backpack is on him 🙂 so cute! He looks so old like a kid.For your information and so you don't feel bad… i wrote Eli's Birthday wrong when i went to get his Birth Ceritficate! I put July instead of June. Luckily the lady at the office double checked me. That could have been bad. lol.love you!

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