Conner is STILL my baby…

Despite the fact that his dad took him to get his hair cut.  No more baby curls no more angel hair!! I am not ashamed to tell you that I cried.

Let me back up a little I knew he was going, his dad did not do it on the sly (he’s not that stupid well he’s not stupid at all really) but I would not go, I would have nothing to do with the entire thing.  Now that fall is here and we’re loosing a lot of the humidity in the air he was loosing his curls making his hair look long and it was in his face… still loosing that baby hair is way too hard!  He looks good and cute but now he looks like a little boy!!!

and here are some photos of him after he got his hair cut.  Well he thinks he’s big and grown but I know better; he’s still my tiny tiny baby!

One thought on “Conner is STILL my baby…

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