All Hallows Eve, and All that.

We’ve had a lot going on lately intermixed with colds and other gross bugs. I want to post pics of every thing but I’ll start with actual Halloween. We went to a harvest party and passed out candy it was lots of fun! This year was the most fun I’d had in a long time because Hunter was so into it.  All he talked about for weeks was his costume and Conner’s costume and candy and parties etc. We carved pumpkins for the first time. So much fun it actually felt a little magical again. He was so funny one day we were talking about costumes and he said “what’s Conner going to be?” (even though he already knew) I said, “A cow.” he said “awe that’ll be cute!” (I almost died) And FYI he does NOT like pinatas he was so excited to play until he saw that they were beating “bat man” with a rulers. I asked “Did you have fun at the party?” he said “No, I did not have a fun time at the paty (no r sound) because those  big kids were playing that hitting game and that was mean!” (maybe next year).

pumpkins were so much fun. Oh that’s Hunter’s scary pumpkin face, you’ll notice he chose this holiday as one to experiment with lot’s of strange faces.

mean cowboy face. And I don’t Know if Conner turned out looking like a cow or a mouse but it wasn’t bad for a total of $3 spent.


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