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The Last Vestiges of a Breakfast Table Can Tell You A Lot About a Family…

For example why are there any vestiges at all? Because on days when we must get older child to school the table does not get cleared. I realize I should wake up ten minutes earlier so that I can clear the table but I don’t live in a state where cock roaches immediately descend upon a plate of food so I figure I have at least a day to get to the cereal encrusted bowl. Therefore I will sleep in as late as possible, screw having a clean table (until I get home and have to clear it in order to put lunch on it then it’s grumble grumble grumble).

Why is there a giant sports bottle with Thomas the Train on it? Well that one is easy my children are boys so our sports bottles have trains and cars instead of princesses (sigh).

Why is there a shark at the table? Do we frequently consume shark as a breakfast protein? Was he simply a guest who was left behind, or did he come later to eat our left overs? The answer to that question is a bit more complicated. No, I do not serve beanie baby sharks for breakfast, but I do find them under my bed when I go to clean under there for the first time in four years (let me just interject a “holy smokes”! If I were a mad scientist I could have made an army of fur beings from what I found under there.) Some one gave me a box of little stuffed animals and I put them under the bed, who knows when, to use as Christmas and birthday presents for random children and promptly forgot they were there. I have been bribing Hunter into dressing himself. Which is a difficult and funny thing he usually gets a quarter every time he can accomplish it with minimal help and no whining. I figure it’s only two dollars a week which is a good allowance for him right now. But the day I cleaned under my bed I let him pick out one of the very dusty never-before-played-with-animals and that is what he chose. Sharky is now a very important part of our lives partly because of the book “Shark vs. Train” (no this is not a sci-fi channel movie) and partly because he earned it himself and is very proud of both Sharky and the fact that he can put on his own clothes.  I am also very happy that he can put on his own clothes…

usually; it is November after all and I’m pretty sure his underwear are on backwards.


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