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Memories From Childhood.

Isn’t this cool?

My uncle Carl made this for me for my ninth or tenth birthday. It was commissioned paid for by my Grammy.  Think back to when you were nine or ten, what little girl isn’t obsessed with horses at this age? All I could think about were horses and riding lessons (which I never took).  I had been collecting horses for a while and I guess my Grammy thought they needed a home.  Did you notice all the tiny individual floor boards? The roof has shingles, each stall has a window and a door that opens and closes! You could not ever find something this cool at a toy store.

Most of the horses are from when I was a girl, one was added by my sister Heather when she was nine, one has lost it’s saddle and this one here in the front “Santa” gave Hunter in his stocking, it’s old from an antique shop in Marshall.

While I have countless memories of these super cool toys I have one in particular that I keep thinking about. We lived in the Upper Peninsula and I took them outside in the winter and made this huge elaborate tunnel and bridge system for them to travel in. It was so cool and complex I didn’t come inside until my legs were completely numb.

They live on top of Hunter’s book shelf now.  He and Maddie had to wait until he turned four to play with them so you can imagine the excitement that surrounds them. They only play with them at the table under supervision because I know, from experience, how easily these horses lose legs and hoofs. But some day it will be completely he and Conner’s and it makes me so grateful that I have something like this I can pass down because they are less then enthused about my one-of-a-kind doll house, and I already sold my American Girl collection; but horses, they’ll play with. Thank you Grammy thank you uncle Carl for loving me so much that you would make me something this unique this awesome.

2 thoughts on “Memories From Childhood.

  1. I love childhood memories. And gifts that have an actual significance are priceless. You know you are loved and cherished when someone takes the time to make such a beautiful thing for you. 🙂

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