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National Make Something For Yourself Month.

I am declaring the next thirty days, make something for yourself month. I meant for make something for you self month to be in January but I got busy so now it’s February; show yourself some love this month.

The thought behind it is as a crafter, baker, whatever-er is you spend almost all of the fall and Christmas time making gifts for other people. That is great and so very special, as I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, but I find that if I go too long with out making something for myself to enjoy I stop enjoying the craft altogether.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but sometimes you need something physical to remind you what you can do, how much you’ve improved and how nice handmade things can be. If you give away every single thing you make then you don’t have those physical reminders and if your the type of person that likes home made items then it will make you a happier person to have handmade items in your house and on your person.

With that in mind pick up those needles, go to the fabric store and look through books for inspiration. Sweet talk your husband into watching the kids for a saturday so you can finally finish that project you’ve been dreaming about for yourself. Your not allowed to feel guilty about spending time for yourself making something for yourself because I have made it a national half a month thing. I am requiring that you do this for yourself. What better way to spend a dull winter’s day then with cheerful yarns and fabrics?

Sorry about my face getting in the way of this picture!
Any way the head band and flower are both crocheted and then
I hot glued a button on to the middle of the flower.

I made this headband, and am working on a skirt (the skirt has become a crazy thing I’ll tell you about it when I’m done). I suggest you do something equally as fun.  And if you are not a crafter, bake your favorite thing for you and if you are not a crafter or baker then I suggest you take yourself out to your favorite restaurant or buy yourself something pretty.

Have Fun!


3 thoughts on “National Make Something For Yourself Month.

  1. I just read this (I am definately behind on posts) Ironically justin and I made chocolate chips cookies my favorite… and i lived off of them for three days straight. and then took them to work to get them out of my house!!!!!!!!!!

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