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I like To Torture Myself.

It may be an oldest child thing but when I decide that I am going to do something I will do it and do it and do it no matter how hard, stupid and frustrating it is. If I get an idea in my mind then I will continue to bash my head against the wall until that thing is done. This is both good and bad. It’s the reason I can make really good yeast bread including cinnamon and pie crusts, it’s the reason I can crochet, and it’s the reason my oldest son is potty trained. However, it’s also the reason I have tons and tons of jewelry making supplies that I no longer use, the reason my relationships in college suffered because school work consumed me, and the reason that I am 30 pounds over weight (see yeast breads and pie crusts).

I love Alicia Paulson. She is so talented owns a corgi dog and creates patterns and kits that make me drool. I own both her books. Her latest book Embroidery Companion Classic Designs For Modern Living, has a skirt on the cover that I fell in love with. I have had semi-good luck with sewing skirts for myself (zero luck with tops, and dresses) so I got it into my head that I must make myself this skirt…

Well First you have to create the pattern sew the skirt and then embroider the design on it. My first attempt was such a horrible miserable failure and waist of fabric that I should have stopped there, given up and gone about my life recovering the hours I had already put in. But no, that would go against every fiber in my crazy body. So I found some better fabric started again and put in a lot more time. This skirt turned out relatively well, after several bumps in the road (it was way to big and I had to, gradually and carefully so as not to ruin it, take it in). I am pleased with it. It’s far from perfect and not as flattering as I would like but it’s pretty, warm and soft and after finding and purchasing a suitable top I think it was worth it (as I learned new skills) and definitely worth wearing.  What do you think continue learning to sew my own clothes or just stick with turtles?

6 thoughts on “I like To Torture Myself.

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Jessie, and I think it is absolutely beautiful. It is snowing here right now and I should be wearing mine and drinking hot chocolate. I hope that's what you're doing right now :-). Thank you for sharing it with me — made my day. xoxo, a

  2. it's so cute… i can think of something else my oldest sister did not give up on….the trumpet i can remember nights of labor… and some nights yelling at sam. Was that his name?You are amamzing :)I was just telling a customer today about how you make the best and most perfect home made gifts and that the best i can do is purchase what i hope is the perfect gift for you. LOVE YOU

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