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Every Fine Lady Needs A Change Purse.

It’s true, it’s one of the hundreds of things I learned from Nancy Drew.  Nancy also taught me to call a regular purse a “hand bag” which, I think, sounds way fancier and a purse with no straps a “clutch”. I also learned how to signal SOS with a flash light and the importance of hair pins in picking locks.  So you can see she was vital to my up bringing.

Any way I have had the same change purse for ten years. I like it so well that I have forgone buying certain wallets because they had built in change purses and I liked mine so much better. It is so fancy and every time I use it I feel like I stepped out of the pages of a Charlotte Bronte novel and should be wearing gloves.

See isn’t it pretty? I love the clasp. It’s one of those things that just makes me happy. Yes, I know it’s strange that these little things make me happy. I know it’s weird that I think pulling dimes and pennies out of a change purse is way more exciting then a plane old wallet pocket.  But this one is covered in needle point!

Ok, so how did I get this change purse? Was it given to me by a secret admirer? Nope, I stole it from my sister ten years ago.  Well sort of.  My sister Courtney was in China teaching and preaching (did you know I had a sister that used to live in China? Isn’t that just so cool? I’ve made it all the way to exotic Maine…) Where was I again? Oh yea, so my mom was cleaning or doing laundry or something and found it laying around and thought it was mine so when I got home from college one weekend I found it on a pile of clean clothes (thanks for doing my laundry mom).  Now don’t go thinking I was all innocent I totally knew it was Courtney’s but she was in China, I was pretty sure she never used it and I really liked it, had a few pennies that could go in it and, finally, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t mind me “borrowing” it.

And, I’ve used it faithfully ever since until a few months ago while in the midst of grocery shopping the clasp broke off! I actually cried out (which totally freaked out a couple of our high school girls who were with me).  I continued to use it but every time I opened my purse (I mean hand bag) all my change was rolling around the bottom.  Finally, I had to admit it was no longer doing it’s job so I began a search for a new change purse. A normal person wouldn’t have to look that hard but before I could relegate my old faithful stolen friend to the toy box I had to find a suitable replacement. I found this one at Your Local Yarn Shop here in town. It’s cute unique and very useful but it’s doesn’t have those cool little clasps just a zipper.

Farewell vintage change purse I will miss you…

4 thoughts on “Every Fine Lady Needs A Change Purse.

  1. Your change purse is beautiful! I have a Vera Bradley change purse, but yours is much prettier. I like the new one, too. But it doesn't have the lovely feminine character of the old one. Great blog! You always make me smile 🙂

  2. you know what is funny… i do remember it being mine but i have no idea where it came from…all along it was meant to grace your purse as many years as it did.

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