Me a Pregnant Woman and My Lawnmower.

My life is vastly different then I imagined it would be when I was eighteen. I am not playing my trumpet in the San Francisco Symphony, I am not a Forensic psychologist, or a published author (yet). That being said my life is way better then I ever dreamed it could be.

God has blessed me with a family I love, a job I love (that of the at-home-mother and unofficial associate youth pastor), and friends I adore. Those who know me know how much I love the idea of the 1940’s and 50’s.  The seeming simplicity of the times wrapped up in aprons. All the mom’s being home to come over and enjoy coffee with each other during the day while their husbands were off at work. While I don’t bake in heels and pearls I have been given the best gift of all, relationships with other Christian women.  Three weeks ago I was sitting in my living room, while a total of five children ran around, sipping coffee with two of my closest friends during the day while our husbands were at work.  We were chatting about everything and nothing and I just felt this joy wash over my heart in a way that surprised me.  A feeling that this is what life is about; these small moments and these cherished friendships.

Today one of those women (who is now pregnant) came over with her daughter to visit and enjoy the glorious sunshine.  I had a million things to get done, including mowing the lawn and running to the post office to mail a birthday care package, while watching four children (one of whom is a baby) with no car.  I was feeling overwhelmed and the familiar tightening of my chest was beginning when she stopped by.

“Hey this could work out” she said sweetly “I need to go down town and drop off a donation I’ll stop at the post office for you if you don’t mind watching my daughter.  It would be so much easier then loading her in and out of her car seat.”

My heart began to ease a bit.  Not having to actually go to the post office? Not actually having to load all these kids into the non-existent car? It was well worth the trade.  Then she continued,

“Why don’t you go ahead and mow. I’ll watch the kids and make sure the baby doesn’t get in the way or eat too much grass.”

Hallelujah! So I got out the mower, primed the engine and began to try to start the beast.  I began sweating bullets as I pulled and grumbled and pulled some more. I always struggle with the mower it’s old and cranky and you have to hold down the handle while pulling, which means I can’t use both hands and arms to get it started. Half the time I can’t start it at all and the mowing has to wait for my husband to come home and use his manly arm muscles.  My dear friend walked over her baby bump leading the way and held onto the handles while I pulled the pull string.  It still took several minutes and a few tries but together we got it started, and together we got my lawn mowed, our children fed, errands ran and package mailed with out any one loosing their temper and with the children in relative safety.

This is what the body of Christ is about.  Not some metaphysical ideal, but day to day living.  And living it with a team that loves the same Lord you do makes it so much better, so much easier! My friends and I don’t all agree on every detail of doctrine, politics, or child rearing.  We are at different places in our walk with Jesus but we love each other and we love God.  We’re there in the good times and bad and in the stressful-to-much-to-do times.  If it takes two of us just to start a mower then it’s going to take all of us together to make an impact in this world.  It’s too big a job to by ourselves, thank God he gave us people to stand by our side.

This post is in participation with the Rally To Restore Unity.

6 thoughts on “Me a Pregnant Woman and My Lawnmower.

  1. You make a great point. These days it seems increasingly hard to find people who are so willing and available to lend each other a hand. Busyness and timidity crowd out so many possibilities. After we moved, it took several years of reaching out before I was blessed with a group of friends who are willing to risk interdependence.

  2. What a great example of unity in the body! How much more you both got done by helping each other out. What a blessing to have great friends like that! I could never get our mower started in Florida. I regularly had to ask the next door neighbor man to help (who didn't speak English) and his motions made it appear that it was not hard and something was wrong with me. lol!

  3. Thank you for you comments. I agree Aiming4simple busyness really hinders our relationships with others and with God. It's only in the last year or two that I've had strong of a network. And Amelia you are so right we both got so much more done along with valued grown-up conversation.

  4. What a wonderful post and a happy something to ponder. 🙂 I have often thought how blessed we are that God saw fit to put us where He did, in the midst of neighbors who care and we can call on if needed. It certainly makes things easier and happier for everyone.

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