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A Storm.

Well we survived the tornadoes of 2011 here in Battle Creek. It was a little scary since I was home alone with the children, and it definitely was a shock to come upstairs and find a tree on my neighbors house. I honestly wasn’t expecting it… I always feel like the weather people promise a big storm but you know it’s not usually that bad… It was bad.  I live in a neighborhood that got hit pretty hard but we’re all ok. Driving around the next day was sort of creepy in that post-apocalypse trees every where, streets shut off, and no working street lights sort of way.  It was certainly inconvenient and a little hot but we survived.

This was one of the crews sent to work.
These guys are actually from the Navy.

I actually saw God work a lot of cool things out through this, not saying he caused it just that he was present in all the aftermath.  First of all I was told by a nurse who works for the county that we didn’t have a single fatality or serious injury.  That seemed really incredible to me especially since there were apartments that got totally destroyed. God was protecting all of us for sure.

Secondly the neighborhood pulled together in a way you rarely see. My drive way was full of branches and downed power lines and I wasn’t even sure how B was going to get home at two that morning.  Without even asking one neighbor came over to sit with my children while another group began clearing out my drive. And it was like that up and down the street. Every one just pitching in and doing what they could for every one else. Then because we didn’t have power all week we got to know each other better and better… I mean what else were we going to do? There was no way to watch our reruns or surf the web so we hung out out side and watched the crews remove trees and lines while sitting in each other yards. There was even a group of Christians passing out breakfast to people after our milk had all gone bad!

Which brings me the third thing, no internet, phones, or television. Don’t get me wrong I’m really glad to have them back but I had been feeling for a long time that the children and I were just way too plugged in. The only options they had available to them was to play and then play some more. The only options I had were to clean then go to bed early because I’d had enough cleaning.

There was also the fact that I finally cleaned out my fridge and freezer (um it was really gross, I should have gotten a ticket for how gross it was. Plus I threw away five jars of salsa?!). We all slept in the basement together so it was sort of like a fun summer party for the kids. And I didn’t have to cook dinner all week!!!!!

Honestly though, I’m talking to people more then ever. We all lived and survived the storm of 2011. We share our war stories about it and laugh with each other over the funny parts, groan over the annoying parts, and thank the Lord we’re all safe.   I get a tear in my eye remembering how I felt staring at my neighbors house and wondering if they were safe, wondering what to do. I knew they were probably in the basement but with Joplin so fresh in our minds I was really shook up. Just as I was putting on my shoes to somehow get into their house I saw her walk out, I saw every one start walking out and it was such a relief such an amazing thing to realize how blessed I am living here with these people that I care so much for. She got a hug which, I think, surprised her but it just felt right. A couple other neighbors got hugs too, and if I could physically wrap my arms around God he’d get the biggest hug of all for keeping us safe and together.


3 thoughts on “A Storm.

  1. Glad to hear that everything in your area is better. We drove around some area's up here by us last night and I'm still amazed at how much work there is left to be done. We didn't get anything at our place this time but sure did happen all around us.

  2. Thanks Jamie. Yea it was crazy and still is when you see all the trees and everything! At least it's a boost to some of the construction type jobs.

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