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A Moment of Brilliance or Midnight Ramblings?

This next post is something that I’ve been wanting to put into words for a long time now but haven’t been sure how. I think I finally did manage it after being inspired by the movie “I am Number Four” (don’t laugh at me I’ve never claimed to have good taste in movies.) Even if this post is rambling it meant a lot to me and I actually want to dedicate it to a few people… Okay a lot of people.  Really there aren’t many people in my life who haven’t inspired me but I want to especially thank a few of them.

First of all my parents for bringing me up. Second Courtney and Megan for your love and art. Third my Writer’s Group (formerly Kava Writers Collective) for inspiring me with your words and pushing me to go further. For my husband for believing in me all the way. And, especially to my baby sister Heather for being the most brilliant creative person I know. Heather, you inspire me daily with your talents, bravery, and wonderful conversations.

                                            The Reason I love to Read and Write Fantasy.

I think there is a longing or a sensitivity in our souls that there is more to the World and Universe then what we can see, touch, hear and smell. We instinctively know that there is more; we are wired for the spiritual.  Yet the spiritual is so vague so difficult to put into words.  We do have knowledge (as one of my professors called it, progressive revelation) of God, creation, the trinity, but sadly we are still lacking in so much information so much we can’t begin to understand. There is evil we sense it feel it. I believe all cultures have devil myths. Most of us believe that there is some kernel of truth to them. We also sense that there is power in love and friendship and goodness. We hope that somehow in our own lives and world wide that love will win the day even when faced with all the odds all the horrors of this present reality we must believe that in the end goodness will win out.  Why do we feel these things, long for them? Because our souls know there is more out there but how does one put it into words? How does one explain something so very unexplainable?

This is why I think that we love the fantasy world. I think it’s why we create so many magical worlds around us because some things can’t be explained truly but, perhaps, we can touch on them in story or music or art. Maybe we can create parables that can help us to understand even if we can’t actually explain it. The bible says there are powers and principalities not of this world, that there are wars being raged around us that we don’t see. So we create worlds where the powers for good and evil are tangible. Where wands are physical things that we use to wield power for good or bad. Where an actual ring is the source of all evil. It’s fantasy and yet we accept it for the sake of story because we understand that there must actually be a source of evil. That there is, indeed, power in love, friendship, and honesty.

It’s why so much of what I create is in the fantasy world. It’s why I’m drawn to worlds such as Hogwarts and Middle Earth. It’s why I can spend hours following Dr. Who around the universe and time. Because when I partake in these fantasy worlds there is something inside me, in my core, that practically sings. A piece of my soul takes flight. It feels as if part of me is tethered to this earth to this plane of existence and yet it is only a thin veil that separates me from seeing it all; the depths of creation as it were. For a moment when I read a book or watch a good movie or television show my sub-conscience is allowed to break free to almost peak behind that barrier and I find myself thinking “Yes, that’s it. That’s almost it!” It’s only for that moment of course, I have to come back but it is a glorious moment. I suspect that when we cross that final barrier we will see it all but for now God has given us creative minds, to create, as it were, places in which to describe and experience this longing for what isn’t tangible. I suppose it’s why there are arts and literature and music. We probably all experience and act it out differently but it’s root is the same; an intrinsic understanding that there is something more to this world, more power and more things unseen.

 Makes me wonder what power there is in me that I could unleash if only I found the right key. The Holy Spirit, perhaps, unleashes some power through me now. I’m certain I get in the way of it releasing a lot more but what will I find in me when I do cross into that other existence for good? I imagine myself throwing my arms out ward my face turned up and light radiating out of me Beauty and the Beast style. Oh to see behind that veil to come to a place where we not only see but touch the source of all love and goodness and power! Oh what a day that will be! And, praise be to Him for giving us minds to create places to peak behind the veil, until that day comes.


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