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Another New Dress.

From Sew Serendipity Studios.
There is a funny story behind this dress. Well, maybe a better word would be amusing.  At our local independent sewing shop (SewUnique Threads, which if you sew and haven’t been there you must it’s fabulous and the owner is so helpful and sweet), I saw this dress pattern. Probably at least six months ago if not longer and have been ogling it since. I go in and look at it and sigh and then go on about my business. I’ve even had in-depth discussions with the shop owner about this pattern. It’s difficult for me to spend $12 on a pattern plus the fabric because it can get costly fast and you can usually get a pattern from the big three on sale for like $2 (though, my splurge for my birthday dress pattern showed me that using these boutique patterns makes a world of difference in your sewing.) 
I made this pin holder out by affixing a magnet
on the bottom. I got the dish at Amazing Grace in Marshall
for $3!
Then I turned 30 and one of my gifts from a lovely and very generous couple in our church was this pattern plus a gift certificate to SewUnique!!!!! I was so thrilled and a little amazed that out of all the patterns in the world she picked out the one I have been wanting for so long (my dad calls that a side blessing. Something God gives to us not because we need it but just to bless us and remind us He’s here.)  The card was really cute it said: We bought you a dress, you just have to make it. You know your a strange person when that makes you all giddy inside.
The trim is vintage I got it at an antique store.
I actually think I would leave it off if I was doing it again
but I do like the scandinavian feel it adds.
Back to the dress. The directions were great until the very end.  I seriously could not figure out the very last step in the directions. I finally just used my common sense and in all honesty it probably would make sense to some one else. I always struggle with construction but this pattern was a breeze to work with. I even installed an invisible zipper with out crying or swearing!  I’m happy with how well it went together (pretty fast for me I think I worked on it in little spurts for a week), though I’m a bit disappointed in how it looks on me. I don’t think it looks bad just not as good as my birthday dress.  I didn’t realize that it was an empire waist because it doesn’t really look like that in the picture and I don’t think that’s the best style on someone as “well-endowed” as me. Still, it’s cute and summery and I’ll definitely wear it  through out the rest of the summer (I have a cousin’s wedding shower coming up, perfect.) and I left space so that I could take it in next spring if I continue to loose weight so hopefully I’ll get more wear out of it since it’s already August (doesn’t that just make you sick?).

 I have to take a sewing break while my dad and I work on remodeling the basement but I think you will all be amused with my next project.

5 thoughts on “Another New Dress.

  1. Very cute, Jessie. I hope to someday figure out how to sew something more basic than patch work quilts and curtains. Your blogs are an inspiration, though, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it Jess. That is the style they always say us shorties should wear on What Not To Wear. The say it slims and puts the focus on the smallest part of the body your waist. You are so talented. I wish I were coming with Dad, but I can't wait to see you and my boys the week after in Maryland. Miss you and Love you, MOM

  3. THank you so much every one for the nice comments it really boosts my confidence and means a lot to me. And Mindy I started out with curtains. Honestly you just have to take it slow, I'm amazed at how much of a learning curve there is.

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