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Thank you Martha!

My best friend Megan, got me a subscription to Martha Stewart Living for christmas and oh my it is such a fabulous magazine. There are always about fifty projects and recipes I want to try in every issue.  This project is from the May issue (the one with all the poppies on the cover) of this year. And I am so pleased with how it turned out. I made it in an afternoon while watching Dr. Who. Very easy, very rewarding and relaxing (if you find making things relaxing that is).

The fan and the pill box hat came from
my favorite store Jill’s Addictions.

It’s perfect for me because I am trying to accessorize more with my outfits but have a hard time even remembering to do that (I can’t imagine why with a bazillion children hollering at me as soon as I step out of the shower… what’s that? I don’t have a bazillion children? Well it sure sounds like it.)  Where was I again? Oh yes, so this is not only beautiful it’s practical as I can see some of my current favorite pieces and put them right on.  Also it’s sort of a way to display your pretties as art work and if I tire of a certain necklace or what ever I can just put different jewelry on it and get a whole new look.

I bought the shadow box at Michaels (with a bday gift certificate) and used scrap booking paper on the back. I removed the glass and mod-podged the paper on the back. I then twisted little white hooks I bought at the hardware store right into the frame and voila! I think the look is perfect for my vintage and vintage inspired jewelry.

I got this octopus necklace from Etsy from a shop called
VintageProtege. Her stuff is really fun and affordable
he was only $5 and is metal! That is amazing!
Plus I love buying handmade.
I can’t remember where I got the locket but
I do know it was on-line.

This flower necklace came from
Brian and my trip to Lake Michigan.
I got them at an antique mall there. Such a good deal.
The bracelet on the bottom was my Great Grandmother’s.

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