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An Outdoor Wedding and Hats.

Dress: $30 Double Exposure
Hat: $5 Jill’s Addictions
Purse: $5 Jill’s Addictions
Shoes: ? Antique store in MD.
Pearls: Birthday gift from My sister Courtney.
One of my cousins got married this weekend which meant I got to go on a date dressed to the nines with my husband and see my mom, dad and sister. Yea!!! The wedding was beautiful. It was outdoors in front of this rambling river with amazing gardens and such lush green grass. It did rain but the rain just sort of added to the magic of the moment, I thought.  I totally didn’t get any good pictures of the bride, which is a shame because she looked amazing and who doesn’t want to see a picture of a bride?
I did get plenty of pictures of my outfit though! I bought this dress a while ago at Double Exposure Consignment shop. It’s a London Times brand and when I looked on line the dresses new were over $100 so I’d say I got a good deal at $30.  I love the sixties silhouette. My sister Heather and I also decided to wear vintage hats, which looked so cute and turned out great because of the rain! My neighbor came over and curled my hair for me. It looked so pretty. I felt so feminine! 

These shoes are totally vintage, I bought them at an antiques shop in MD and then forced my feet to fit in them. I LOVE them. They are so cute (hard to see in the pic I know) and look like they’re from the 1940’s. The heal is just enough to look lady-like but small enough to be comfortable.

Heather looks cute no matter what. But don’t you just love her plaid dress?

My cousin Kenton (who looks painfully young in my wedding photos, which makes me feel OLD) and his fiancé Chelsea (they just got engaged) so I’ll get to put together a fabulous ensemble for their wedding, I’m assuming in a year or so.

My husband is so attractive. If  you can swing it to marry a guy who not only fits you perfectly and is so great but also looks like this then you are a lucky girl indeed! He even wore a suit so we’d “go together” isn’t that sweet?

This is one of my favorite pics of us together ever.
As was suggested by several people after my last post, I’ve been playing around with a bit more editing and I thought this picture looked good “antiqued”. I will say the photos do look better, who knew? Well, you all knew thanks for sharing such good tips!

Close up of the purse. It’s vintage. My dad bought it for me from Jill’s Addictions for $5! That is a crazy good deal. And it’s perfect for the dress and small so it’s fancier but big enough to hold essentials and my camera!

Close up of the shoe.


3 thoughts on “An Outdoor Wedding and Hats.

  1. You both looked so cute. I got a good picture of the bride and will email it to you if you would like to add it to your post. I also love the picture of you and Brian that you liked so much and I loved Brian's shoe choice!

  2. Oh Jess you look so cute! I loved the pics!! I like the full body with you face turned away great view of your hair and dress… and the sepia tone pic is AMAZING!! That should be your profile pic for fb.

  3. My black hat is vintage as well! It was bought for my by my friend Sarah B for christmas a few years back from a shop that closed much to our dismay! Im glad to have the hat and a few other great finds from that shop! Jills Addictions had an amazing Vintage Kelly Green silk marching band jacket with big gold buttons that i snatched up for 15 dollars! definitely as awesome shop!

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