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Autumn is now upon us. Where did summer actually go? I’m sitting here drinking coffee wearing a sweater of all things. I didn’t get to go back to Lake Michigan like I had planned and have barely been to the zoo.  It just seems like there is too much to do in summer and it is as hard to grasp as pool water.

Gertrude is modeling these for us. I wish the apron
were a skirt b/c that is a super cute outfit.
Sweater is a thrifted Ann Taylor.

The only thing to be done is embrace fall. I do love fall, the smell and crispness in the air, the taste of tart apples, the way the light is all golden, even the sound of leaves skittering across the drive.  And what is the best thing about colder weather? Comfort food that’s what!

I love that the shirt pocket get’s used on the apron.

I hate cooking in the summer but as cooler weather approaches I find myself wanting to make and eat hot soups, roast beef, cookies, home made bread, cookies and more cookies.  So, to continue to celebrate the Second Time Challenge and as a symbolic gesture that I’m accepting the changing season I made these two aprons to give to two lucky readers.  They’re made from mens dress shirts (I bought one at a garage sale and one at Good Will, how thrifty is that?) and were super fun and easy to make. All you have to do to win is leave a comment (on this blog) telling me what your favorite comfort food to make and or eat is.  Let’s get inspired to spend some time in the kitchen, and you may end up with a cute apron to make it even more fun! The contest will run through Monday, just leave a comment, and if you sign in as a guest (so you don’t have to have account) be sure to leave your name.  Good luck!

My favorite thing to cook is soup btw, I love to chop it and drop it. To get you started cooking this is a recipe for the best bean soup ever!

Here is a picture of it on a person. Oh and that’s a “new” sweater
I’m going to get a lot of wearing in.

This is the other apron it’s got pin tucks.  Gertrude is getting out the tea pot, she’s so thoughtful that way.


19 thoughts on “Give-A-Way!

  1. These are SO cute I love them! So here is the thing you know your cousin and cooking isn't really a strong point for me BUT I do love to make John's Grandma's Christmas Cookie recipe and just baking in general. But the cookies are my favorite because I can do them for any season and not just Christmas and it reminds me of her the entire time I'm making them.

  2. This is a hard one, because I like to cook and I love to eat!!! So does your Dad. I guess it has to be My Grandmas recipe for Carrot Cake. It is the best! Dad says his favorite comfort food is Homemade biscuits with sausage gravy He says Grammys are the best! Love you Jessie!!

  3. Love the aprons!! I should wear them more often (at least that's what my "batter-spattered" clothes tell me)! And the favorite comfort food 'round here is by far fried chicken and mashed tators! Although, if I had to pick between the two it'd definitely be the potatoes! Thanks for reminding me about your blog. I really like to see what you're up to…makes me feel like we're next door neighbors!

  4. My ultimate comfort food is anything baked that involves pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pancakes…(I'm starting to sound like Bubba from Forest Gump).I also think these aprons are AMAZINGLY cute!

  5. My favorite comfort food to make is beef stew (ham and bean a close second). But my favorite comfort food that I am unable to successfully make myself is Oatmeal Raisin Walnut cookies!-Crissy Brown

  6. Oh gosh, I should also say a family favorite comfort food is what we call "Gramma Opies Peanut Butter Sammich". My Great Grandmother was the head cook at my elementary school (She finally retired at 83 years old). She made peanut butter sandwiches for any kid that didn't have the money for a school lunch. But she didn't like the government peanutbutter they sent to the school so she cut it with honey and butter on plain white bread. We keep trying to make it but it's just not quite the same, maybe it's the lack of government peanutbutter (or Gramma Opie) but we can't help but think of her everytime we try.

  7. The aprons turned out great! I think my favorite comfort food overall is mahed potatoes made in the butteriest, creamiest way possible. As far as sweets go, I' d say cinnamon things made from leftover pie dough.

  8. My mom makes this incredible chicken and noodles. The noodles make it so special. Not that she makes them from scratch,, but they are a thick noodle kept in the freezer section. She cooks it up with broth, of course the chicken, onion and whatever else happens to be available and sounds good. A nice hot bowl of that, a good cup of tea and your cold won't seem as bad, those tears will dry, and muscles relax. Oh yes! And add nice crusty bread loaded with butter.

  9. I know it's not very exciting, but when I'm feeling under the weather all I want is Campbell's chicken noodle soup loaded with crumbled saltine crackers. It's what I got as a kid and it just makes me feel good.Jen B

  10. My favorite thing to cook in the Fall are pies, especially if I have left over pie crust and put cinnamon sugar on it and bake it for a snack. My favorite thing to eat in the fall is baked mac-n-cheese. Yum!

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