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Station 66.

There is this really cool place just outside of town called Station 66. People kept telling me I would really like it. We finally tried it out with my parents and just recently went back. If you know me or my blog at all the following pictures will show you why this place is so me. On top of the atmosphere, however, is the fact that it’s a local business AND every thing they sell is from/ made/ grown in Michigan! How cool is that? The produce is local and changes with the seasons. They have old car shows in the parking lot, they sell hard serve ice cream (which always reminds me of my Papa who took us out for ice cream almost every evening in the summer!) and they have amazing cake donuts, amazing! This place is cool!

On the History channel show “American Restoration” Brian and I saw them restore a cooler just like this. It was originally made to have water running through it. That is just so neat, isn’t it? You can see the water in the above pics. On the show they said that it makes your sodas extra cold.  And, (can you tell I’m excited) all the sodas are made with cane sugar and not HFCS (which I have an allergy to) so I can have sodas there, and there are so many kinds!! Don’t you love the bottle cap opener?

The food is good but there’s not a huge variety. Even the hotdogs and chips are from MI.

I bought Spys, the best apples for baking according to my Grammy, and Cider.

See the sewing machine, so cute! Next to very fragrant natural soaps… good stocking stuffers.

So yes, I’m loving this place and if you live in the area or are passing through on M-66 then stop. The prices are good it’s local and it’s so cool.


4 thoughts on “Station 66.

  1. We have friends that stop there all the time and they love it to. Everytime we drive by they are closed as we are usually passing by early in the morning or late at night. I hope to catch them open sometime next summer!

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