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Last Tuesday…

I was working on a Facebook page for a local business and loathing my skirt pieces staring at me from the sewing table.

By Tuesday nap time I was talking to my sister about said Facebook page and her birthday. About ten minutes later her, my mom and I had decided I should fly out there on Friday so I could be at the birthday celebration.

By Wednesday I had decided that I MUST have a new overnight bag to take with me. I MUST make my long awaited Amy Butler Weekender Bag. The pattern and fabric were gifts for my birthday (in June!) So it was a long time coming.

By Friday noon I was barely done with the bag and was barely done packing. I just barely barely managed to do the dishes so that my poor wonderful husband wouldn’t be left with two kids and a dirty kitchen.

It was crazy of me to think I could do a project like that so fast and so on the fly. But, I did it and I’m glad. It turned out pretty good. Not perfect but honestly I’m super happy with the bag. It’s very cute and holds a lot. I was proud to carry it through the airport Friday evening and made sure I showed it off to my mom and sisters who all ooed and awed appropriately.

More on the actual trip tomorrow.


One thought on “Last Tuesday…

  1. it's true this bag turned out great! More and more you do just looks like you could buy at a swanky botique or something. Great job… and where is mine? 🙂

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