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Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Three.

The first month I was in college my maternal grandfather (Papa) gave me a book of stamps. It was probably the first book of stamps I ever owned and was definitely the first book of stamps I had that were self adhesive (why did it take the post office so long to figure that one out?). I remember these stamps so well; they had pink roses on them.

Picturing my Papa in the post office buying me a book of stamps with roses on them was a bit like watching Matthew Cuthbert trying to buy Anne a poofed sleeves dress in Anne of Green Gables. I’m not saying that’s how it was (he may very well have said “I need some stamps for my granddaughter.” and that was that) I’m just saying it gave me those same feelings as I’ve always thought the similarities between my real-life Papa and Matthew where spooky. But the simple fact that Papa thought to buy me stamps did something to my heart. He thought of me out of all his grandchildren and obligations. He thought to do something so that I could stay in contact with the ones I loved back home.

He is so quiet that the stamp thing shocked me. Still does when I think about it. I got to wondering if I ever sent my Papa anything with those first stamps? Certainly I would have sent something to my Grammy and it would have had a salutation to him that she would have shared, but, did I send him anything?  I hope I did but I kind of doubt it.  I am so lucky that both my Grammy and Papa are alive and in pretty good health. I’ve got friends who don’t have any grandparents left. I do not take that for grant it so I decided that for day three I wanted my Papa to know how much I love him. I want him to know how much I respect him, down to my very core. I want to thank him for those stamps (oh how I wish I had saved one).

It’s a simple project. a pot of tea a piece of stationary and a pen. But how often do we take that kind of time to send someone a note they can hold in their hand? It’s different then Facebook and email. It’s sweeter and slower and it means more even if the words are the same. Send someone a letter or a card I bet it makes their day a lot brighter.


One thought on “Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Three.

  1. He is an awesome man. I am lucky to have a Dad like him. Nice post Jessie. Sometimes we take the little things for granted. I know PaPa will be blessed by your letter! He may not show his emotions much, but he's a big softy on the inside!

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