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Fourteen Days of Valentines, Day Five.

We’ve had some grey days. Makes
taking pictures difficult.

This project was actually the one that gave me the idea of fourteen days of spreading around some love.  My mom and I share a lot. I’d say we’re pretty good friends and can talk about most things. We also share a sort of weird obsession with birds. This strange love of feathered creatures isn’t very old either, maybe five years. Mine started after SuperH was born and I’d sit in front of my window in a postpartum induced stupor and watch the array of woodpeckers on the tree. My mom’s love started about the same time when she and my dad moved into the mountains and she was surrounded by tons of different species.

When I saw this picture on Pinterest (again) I thought of her and I thought how something like this sent in the mail and received unexpectedly might have the power to make her day maybe even her week. I also really like small embroidery projects. I thought how birds are something we have in common and it also kind of shows how I want her heart and her spirit to soar (her and dad are emerging from a particularly trying year).

I hope she liked it and it was super simple and sweet. I didn’t have a pattern or anything but I think anyone could manage it if they wanted.

I hope your heart finds it’s song this Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines, Day Five.

  1. This project is so cute and unique! I love that you didnt use a pattern for it, that makes it even more personal 🙂 You're sewing and projects get better all the time!

  2. When I got this in the mail I was feeling pretty down. It's been a tough run lately. Getting this put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. You are so thoughtful Jessie! I am very blessed to have you for a friend and daughter. You give so much to everyone. I know I am not the only one blessed to have you in my life!! Your blog always makes me smile. I love you! Thanks for the Valentine.

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