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Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Twelve

I thought you might be curious as to what I did actually wear out on our Valentine’s date. I’m calling this look my “French Connection”. I am so sick of winter that I did go for one of my summer dresses. I wore it somewhat like this a couple Sundays ago and someone told me I looked french. I thought that was just a fabulous compliment. Couple that with the bloomers and I think “french” is an accurate description. Anyway, paired with my tall black boots, black leggings and my go-to jean jacket I think you can get away with wearing this in winter (especially to celebrate Valentines since it’s at the end of winter– supposedly).
We went to Addinton Hills Cafe  In heavy snow fall. did that deter us? NO! Our food was delicious and (we had hummus that sort of blew our minds) and I drank so much good coffee. I will say I didn’t care for my dinner. It wasn’t anything they did I just didn’t care for the dish and they still took it off the menu!! Wow great service.
Dress: Made by me
Jacket: Handed down from my aunt several years ago (I love this jacket)
Boots: Fashion Bug one a half years ago
Jacket: Gift from my Aunt, Maceys.
Purse: Antique, gift from my mom.
Gloves: Vintage from an antique shop in MD.
Necklace: “Nestlace” made by me
Bracelet: Freebie from my mom from Dress Barn.
Hair: Pin curls I let “set” during the day.
Okay so on to Day Twelve. This was a challenge since Sundays are very busy for me and I didn’t have time to start something Saturday what with the bloomers and all. I wandered around Meijers for a bit this afternoon wondering what to do for the youth group when it hit me “Elementary Valentines Party!”
So I bought plates and napkins, little Debbie Snacks (of course) Chex mix, and even made a card holder out of a milk jug and filled it with a little heart for each student. Each heart has one thing on it that I like/admire about them. So for not having a lot of time I thought this was fun and clever. We’ll see if they like it (any time food is involved with teenagers is usually pretty successful) in a couple of hours, but I think they will.


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