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Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Fourteen and Thirteen (oops).

Last Night I crawled into bed after a long and fulfilling day and realized I had forgotten to blog! Oops! I did do something yesterday but got so wrapped up in living I forgot to post it. So real quick, Day thirteen was a day devoted to helping my best friend move into her new apartment. I got a way later start then I wanted but now that she lives so close I could stay until much later. Along with my two hands I also took her a jar of homemade chai concentrate because she likes chai and this stuff is sooooo wonderful. I hope she uses it up in good health!

Today is Valentines day and what have I learned after fourteen days of cooking and gifting and all around love spreading (That sounded awkward didn’t it)? I learned that next year I should start this project a little bit sooner then on February 1st. Not too much because I like the day-to-day tasks and how that sort of kept me in the moment but a few of the projects took more then one day so a little extra time would allow me to slow down and enjoy it a little more (I did enjoy it don’t misunderstand me).

I learned that people are so sweet and appreciative and all those lovely comments made me feel so happy to be doing this project. Not that we should do things to get praised or anything but I’m sure you other moms know how sometimes we just feel very under appreciated. It was nice to get appreciated.

It was even nicer to get to make someone’s day brighter. Doing this every day forced me to really think about what I love and value in the people around me. It really helped me to realize how many people I have in my life that I care about and that care about me. Seriously the worst thing about the project was that I barely made a dent in the things I’d like to do for other people. Every day I thought of something else I could do for someone else. And I felt so bad that only three people would get to have one of my giveaways.  I know that any holiday can get overblown in this country and that hallmark does want to make a profit today BUT love IS an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL thing. It’s a real gift that we humans get to experience. Given from God to us and then from us to each other… is just so magical.

So today I’m making dinner for the family and a couple of friends. Nothing fancy good chili (per Brian’s request) homemade bread (it’s look ridiculous but hopefully tastes good) and dairy free German Chocolate Cake. I’m going to feel grateful that I have a warm home, a loving husband and so many people to love. I hope your Valentines reminds you of God’s love for you and your love for others!

And The Winners of the Fourteen Days of Valentines Giveaway Are….

Coffee Sleeve and Gift card: Jen B!!!!

Nestlace: Gerri Sue!!!!!

Embroidered Valentines: Courtney Smallwood!!

Normally I would post their comments but everyone had such wonderful things to say it would take up a lot of room go here to read them and every one else’s.


5 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Fourteen and Thirteen (oops).

  1. Yay :)Thanks jess!I think this was awesome and I always looked forward to your valentines day posts each day. Bravo… I can't imagine how much of a chalange it would be to blog everyday while being a mom and wife and every other hat you wear. Not to mention all the time and heart you put into the gifts.Love you.

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