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Well Howdy Ma’am. Are You a Quick Draw with that Sewing Machine?

“Well yes in fact I am.” I say blushing. The cowboy/ninja warrior saunters off with his new holster and all his weapons.

Are you confused? Let me start again. My oldest son is into all heroes. Actually, both sons are into heroes. Currently Power Rangers is at the top of their list but really any thing that wields a weapon and kills bad guys is totally cool. So when my SuperH came up to me asking if there was a way he could have his guns on his hips like they do “in the fighting game.” I got to tell him that there was a thing that did that and it’s called a “holster” and that I would make him one. I like it when I get to be the cool mom.

He wasn’t mad, this is his
“tough guy” pose. Very intimidating.

This is an example of why if you sew and have children there should always be squares of felt in your stash. I took a brown and grey felt square folded it in half traced around two different guns and cut it out. I sewed up the side cut two slits in the back and fed a belt through.  After that I made a scaber for a sword too because you never know when your going to need guns and a sword.

I know that there are moms out there who don’t allow weapons in there homes and to them I say “does that work?” (not in a snotty way but a totally confused way.) Because my boys can literally make anything into a weapon. Conster’s favorite toy is a plastic yellow tent peg that he uses as a sword. I know a mom who gave up trying to keep guns out of her house when she saw them chew their pb&j into the shape of a gun and chase each other around the table (that is a true story).

That’s the tent peg. He lays it on his bedside table
every night and gets it first thing in the morning.

So if your a mom like me and you have boys like mine, this holster will make you totally awesome for about four minutes which is exactly two minutes longer then normal, and I’ll take what I can. Also it’s so easy!

Well I better mosey. Hope your skies are not cloudy all day.


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