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Isn’t this pretty? If I ever finish mine
it will be done in grey wool.

First let me start by explaining that a UFO is an unfinished project not a space craft, though, when I was six my cousin and I were convinced we had seen one of those too. Anyway, I have one. A big one and it’s basically the reason I haven’t done one of those fall/winter roundup posts about all the things I’ve made to wear. Because for some reason I keep thinking I’ll finish it.

Yea, I’m not going to finish it, not this season anyway. I mean I’ve already moved on to my spring/summer wardrobe (yes we have snow on the ground, and no I won’t let that deter me).

What happened was that I bought this really expensive wool fabric for the skirt. So expensive that even with a 50% off coupon it was still more then I normally spend. Because it was so expensive I measured myself just to make sure that I was the size I normally am for that particular companies patterns. That is when I discovered what I wish I had never known; my waist is about three sizes bigger then my hips and bust. Oh the agony!!!! Because the skirt was more form fitting then anything I’ve ever made I would need to draft the pattern and make a muslin. Yea, I don’t really know what those things mean either. Let’s be real people I don’t have time to make a fake garment to see if it fits right before I make the real one. I barely have time to make the real garment.

One of the wisest friends I have told me that she wouldn’t have measured and would have just made the skirt in the size she thought she was. There is a verse in scripture about following Godly advice and I wish that I had done so. And here’s another thing about pattern sizes. They are totally WACK! I’m sorry to get all belligerent but they are not even close to the same as ready-to-wear garments. I don’t care if simplicity patterns are on sale for $3 I won’t buy it if it says I’m a size 100! (Slight exaggeration here but not much) It’s one of the reasons (among many) that I love Colette Patterns because their measurements are closer to a regular size. I can admit I’m a size 12 but I will never be able to admit that I’m a size 100!

I felt like I learned a foreign language when I finally
learned how to read the back of pattern envelopes.

Where was I anyway? Oh yea my skirt. So I’ve decided to put it away until next fall. I have added to my daily walks, yoga three times a week and an abs workout I found on pinterest (we all know if it’s on pinterest then it can’t fail). I’ve also added to my diet, cookies and donuts but that’s another story and surely won’t interfere with project “flatter stomach”. This makes more frugal sense to me too because surely by next fall I will have lost all the weight I will ever want to loose so I will be able to wear this skirt indefinitely. Please note that last line was meant to be read with just a touch of sarcasm. 


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