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Being a Mother…

Is really hard sometimes. I never wish I wasn’t a mother but sometimes I dream about having a live-in-nanny! When you become a mother you shouldn’t give up on your personal dreams or stop having interests outside the home, almost every one knows that. But, some of those dreams are going to come to a slow crawl and your interests outside the home are going to become a bit more hit or miss. Sometimes you find out what you thought you wanted (a summer home and yacht) wasn’t really what you wanted at all (nine hours of sleep in a row and a steak dinner you can eat with out being interrupted).

It’s okay to change and it’s okay for the things we love and work for to change too. The most amazing thing is when you realize despite all the hardships and changes that you wouldn’t change it or go back. And sometimes your kids show you how blessed you are to be part of their lives in the first place.

As soon as I became a mother I was all over Mother’s Day. I mean it’s like a mini birthday you share with other women. Sweet!! (I’m a little ashamed to admit any day I get a present is an exciting day to me). And, because of my kids’ age, the responsibility of making my mother’s day great has always been left up to Brian (who is very good at btw). Until this year…

My oldest, my SuperH gave me a mother’s day that reminded me why being a mother is so worth it (I’ve always known it but it’s nice to get reminders). They had a mother’s day tea at his school. I wore a dress and he seemed pretty excited. When we got there I found out he had made me a bracelet, a place mat, a flower, and they preformed a song for us. All the other mom’s talked about how it was suppose to have been a surprise but their kids couldn’t stop talking about it. SuperH had never said a word, made me wonder if he wasn’t into it like the other kids, even though he kept holding my hand and giving me kisses and asking me, days before, if I was going to wear a dress (and a month and counting after if I’m going to wear the bracelet).

Then we came home and Brian asked how it went. Then he told me that SuperH has been telling him about this Mother’s Day tea for months. Every day on the way home from school filling Brian in on what they were working on next. “He was so excited” Brian told me. So I learned to things First my Kid is more awesome then the other kids because he took secret keeping seriously, second he loves me and was excited to make me feel special.

I did feel special. And when he’s making me crazy the way only a five year old can do, I remember he’s the best five year old and I’m glad it’s him making me crazy and not someone else.
This is us after planting some plants they had grown for us
Neither one of us knows what they are…


6 thoughts on “Being a Mother…

  1. I literally got tears in my eyes!! Thank you so many mothers make me terrified to have kids. But you do a good job at exposing the blessings over the hardships! Thank you!

  2. The Humminbird video did not make me cry. This blog though….yes it did. So sweet Jess. Motherhood is the hardest and best journey we ever take in life. You are a great one! Your boys are blessed to have you for thier Mom.

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