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Well it’s done. I mean it’s as done as a room can ever truly be. I’d like to maybe add a dog bed for Ranger in one of the corners and probably a different slightly more comfy chair for Brian and others to sit in while visiting. But you get the idea. I wish you could know how happy this room makes me. When I walk in I just smile and feel all giddy inside. It took awhile to paint and to move into it because I forced myself to really organize and throw things out as I moved in (so glad I did even though I was getting antsy to be moved in). Even though that was exhausting it was still so fun! I haven’t gotten to decorate like that in a while and oh it just felt so good to nest. And to be nesting in a room that is so ripe with possibilities!!!!! I can’t say how grateful I am to my Brian for willingly giving me this space. Truly being supported like this is such a gift, I hope I can pay him back someday (with a finished published novel perhaps).
The following pictures do not do it justice (the blue seems weird and you don’t get the full effect). I probably need a fancy camera and special lens but this is the best I can do.

My ironing board set up and not in my kitchen, Huzzah!!

My “new” sewing desk, new machine, and new chair.

I bought this old machine and table at the “Bible Thrift Shop”
it was in terrible shape so I sanded and refinished it.

My dress form, Gerti.
My book shelf. I wish you could see the
mason jars filled with buttons and trims better
it’s really cute!

I made the valances from super expensive “sewing”
themed fabric (that’s why there valances and not curtains).

This is the view from my sewing machine.
Do you see my bird friend?

Now this sewing room is just amazing. Completely on steroids and so wonderful I could just stare at the pictures over and over. Alicia’s room was a great inspiration for my much smaller version.


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  1. hey jessie that room turned out beautifly and by the way I like the little coat hanger wall mount over the ironing board with scissors hung on it I always loose track of my scissors when I sew because there is really no place to keep them that Im not using this is dani by the way

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