Conster · yoga


After a grueling morning of eating cereal and playing with Dad’s iPad there really isn’t a better way to unwind then with a group yoga session.  As you can see he’s really quite good for a three year old, and having him right beside me is in nooooo way distracting.

I also find that having a dog “right there” to be very helpful.

“Downward facing dog” Ranger’s got that covered.
“Plank” hey I don’t look so bad in this one!
I use the “pocket yoga” app in case you were curious.

*This is not intended to start a discussion on yoga I just wanted to show you how cute my three year old is. Incidentally yoga really helps my back and helps with stretching (I am not good at stretching). I don’t do any of the “weird” stuff and if they ask me to meditate or empty my mind I just pray for a good day or pray that my very pregnant sister and her unborn child are safe.


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