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This is My New Tiny Nephew.

Isn’t he cute? So cute! SO INCREDIBLY SUPERY CUTE?!!!!! This is my sister’s second baby and last time I wasn’t able to get out there until he was a couple weeks old but this time I got to be IN the delivery room!!!!

At least SuperH got to check his vitals. All I did was
help my sister put on her oxygen mask
and it wasn’t even on!!

That was really cool and scary. Honestly I felt sort of useless and in the way. I wished they’d let me clean something or hold something. I could have totally held a blanket or scalpel or other hospital thing and handed it to them when they needed it. Alas, they didn’t trust me since I have no training. Instead I propped my sister’s head up when she pushed and smoothed back her hair. It wasn’t much but it was something (I sort of felt like my two year old when I’m like “here stir this that will help mommy”). And then I got to see the miracle of birth… Which WAS miraculous but also sort of well you know… messy? Didn’t dissuade me from wanting to get to deliver a baby though (maybe I should start with kittens or something).

These are some bibs I made him before I left. His
very special present isn’t done yet because
the fabric didn’t even get here until I left!

So I got to see him so much and hold him and kiss him and hold him and fight my mom off and hold him some more. It was fantastic and you would not believe how much he looks like this picture we have of my dad when he was a baby (spooky). His brother is hysterical, in that he goes out of his way to ignore and pretend the baby isn’t there, two year olds!

“Brother what brother?”

Do I look all hopped up on baby? Well, I am.

This is my Papa holding the baby.

I could totally have a bunch more nephews (and a niece would be nice, seriously people). So keep up the good work Courtney and Justin.

*If your wondering why there are hardly any pics of anyone else holding the baby the answer is: I wouldn’t let any one else hold him (unless it was his mom and she was nursing him). Now don’t look at me like that, I don’t live around them and was getting while the getting was good!!

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