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A Glimpse at a Poppie.

I have an amazing Grammy and an amazing Papa. My children have an amazing Nannie and Poppie. I grew up visiting my grandparents on the farm in the summer.  My children get to visit their grandparents in the summer on the farm (different farm). I know from experience how blessed my children are to have wonderful grandparents (let me say that my children are lucky enough to have two sets of amazing grandparents).

This is a peak at one amazing Poppie. The one on the farm, the one my children love to “smack down”!

Just wait until the baby is old enough to help “smack down” Poppie. I think he might loose.

My heart may burst. 
What a place for boys. A place to chase dogs and feed carrots to horses.

My Dad’s Grandsons follow him like little ducklings.

Poppie is reading the “Owl book”

Poppie is the funniest at reading this book. No one can touch his nuanced sense of comedy.
What a blessing it is to be a mom to see these moments. What a blessing indeed to see my dad become a Poppie.

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