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Lake Michigan.

Have I ever mentioned before how much I love Lake Michigan? I really do. I grew up in the upper peninsula so it’s really ingrained in who I am. I like to say “I have lake water in my veins” I mean it philosophically, of course, but it’s probably scientifically true as I’m sure our drinking water comes from there and it is then in my blood… or something…

Anyway, I never get there as often as I want to and in an effort to make it out there more than once this summer I planned a youth group girls outing to St. Joseph. It’s been such a hot dry summer I knew they would all love it. It rained. It was barely seventy degrees. They all loved it! What a bunch of good sports.

We shopped in the cute local shops (I got some fabulous yarn and Mary thinks she can teach me to knit). We ate out and enjoyed good chocolate and coffee. We did go to the beach and we did swim. It wasn’t as cold as it could have been and there was something adventurous and romantic about being on the beach while it was so grey and wet. In St. Joseph they have this huge fountain area you can play in. We played in it in the rain and it was fantastic.

Do you see the baby?

During a really difficult time in my life I went to Lake Michigan and I lay in the water and I felt like all the hurt and pain seeped out of my finger tips with the waves and washed out to sea. I felt as if the cold frigid water baptized my spirits and helped me to feel put-together again.

I love my girls. I love my Lake.


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