Brian · compass. · knots · SuperH


Brian downloaded the old Boy Scouts handbook unto his iPad because he wanted something that he and SuperH could do together that wasn’t video games. I thought that was really sweet and practical. I want my boys to have some of those basic cool guy skills but we probably won’t ever get involved in The Boy Scouts since we make a very conscious effort not to get our kids over-involved in stuff. I also love that Brian thought of this and took the initiative. What a good dad he is.

Any how the first thing you learn is all the different knots. I like watching them figure it out. Brian learns it first and then he teaches SuperH. It’s a good skill because SuperH’s attention is only held for a while so he can do one knot and then run off and play.

Knot tying skills equals rope tree skills.

The next thing they’re going to learn is how to use a compass. I am very excited about this one because I have been wanting to buy a compass necklace off etsy (like this one) for some time. I have no directional skills at all and think that having a compass necklace might come in handy. This seems like the perfect opportunity to get one.


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