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Roller Coasters

This week has blasted past. I mean I woke up on Monday blinked and it was already Thursday. That is so weird.

Maybe because it started out so great. Brian took me on a sort-of-surprise trip to Cedar Point. I like Cedar Point but have only been once since the children started being born. Chalk it up to being pregnant (no point in going) nursing (not being able to go) and having no one to watch the kids (taking them would be torture).  We dropped them off at their Nanna and Papa’s (they had such a great time so thank you dear in-laws thank you!) and headed off to “America’s Roller Coast”. And it rained. Buckets. Buckets and buckets of rain. I felt so bad for Brian because he loves this place and he planned it all just for the two of us.

We dallied over lunch and then went to some very interesting scary shops in downtown Sandusky. Then we just decided to go for it. I’m so glad because the rain let up and the lines were so short and the temps were perfect.  I’ve waited in lines for hours to get on roller coasters before and I think the longest we waited was maybe 45minutes and that was because the ride broke down.

So those of you that aren’t ride enthusiasts will think this next story is crazy (Just don’t read this paragraph it might keep you from being brave and trying roller coasters out and that would be a shame). We’re in line for the Millennium and people just start exiting like crazy. Obviously something is wrong with the ride but by now the sky is blue, so we just keep moving up and moving up. Finally we get to where we can see one of the trains stuck on the tracks! Does that deter us? Of course not! We’re seasoned riders we know that it will be up and running in 30 minutes which is nothing compared to the three hours we’ve waited in scorching 90 degree weather in the past. We also know that it’s probable somebody tried to unbuckle while the ride was in motion which triggers a fail safe and stops the train. We talk with all the people around us about how the people leaving are such newbies and scardy-cats and how they’ll be sorry.  After about twenty minutes they get the ride moving again and as that train of people flies past us they put their arms in the air shrieking with delight and we all put our arms in the air and shriek in solidarity with them. It was awesome. Plus we’re only steps aways from getting on by this point. It gave me a sick sort of pleasure to see people who had left back in line!

The last time I was at Cedar Point I was way nervous out of proportion to the rides. I thought maybe I was getting too old. But, this time I wasn’t hardly nervous at all. Maybe having a baby come screaming out of you so fast you can’t have drugs makes everything else seem not so bad? I don’t know but it was so fun (the park not the drugless delivery). We had no other person to be responsible for and just laughed and talked. I spent most of the day smiling and clapping and saying “Oh my this might be my favorite ride!”

Then we had to go back to the real world which is way less fun and filled with kids who are detoxing from long days and being spoiled (so worth it though). But for some reason the week just flew by. Maybe if it starts on a roller coaster it ends that way? I don’t have pics because I didn’t even take my camera. Theme parks like that are about the moment and I just wanted to enjoy it. I so did. Most fun I’ve had in years and so great to just be with Brian. I’m sorry everyone but he is just the best!

This is a pic of the newest ride. Now under construction.

So to ride or not to ride? Discuss!


One thought on “Roller Coasters

  1. How fun! I would love to do that with Justin! Too bad I'm nursing and not to mention the rides make Justin throw up! I'm so glad you went what a great and special suprise and what a great hubby you have!

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