flannel shirts · inspiration · LL Bean · wellies · woodsy living.


The world is full of inspiration; the woods and the sky, children at play, the LL Bean catalogue…

I see you looking at me a little mystified. I know it’s strange but I get a thrill when I see those glossy pages peeking out at me in the mail box. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from them as their costs are a little out of my price range but I sure have dreamed about it. The LL Bean catalogue has taken my mind on many glorious backwood hikes.  Let me show you…

In my mind I wake early and after a morning cup of coffee drank from a tin cup and made at my old stove  I don my plaid wellies and step into the misty morning. We live in a cottage tucked back into the woods at the edge of a lake and every morning the dogs and I gather up the eggs from our hens that scratch around the backyard. The crispness of fall is in the air and I contemplate either kayaking our little lake later or a trip to the apple orchard. Either way I know I’ll look smart in my comfy flannel shirt perfect for this woodsy lifestyle of mine.

I breath in the spicy scent of pine and think of Christmas just around the corner. Both our dogs (a corgi for me and a bull dog for Brian, though, both dogs prefer me of course) stay close by my side because they know we’re about to hike into the woods.

Late that evening I snuggle up on my couch next to a merry little fire. My dogs are snuggled into their monogramed doggy bed. I have a cup of warm cider from the orchard next to me and some knitting in my lap. Brian looks at me lovingly and I think, “life doesn’t get any better then this.”

I think I should mention that Brian’s dream is vastly different from mine. He wants to live in a place where he can see a football game i.e. Columbus. Maybe I could do Wisconsin where the packers are, maybe. I’m just hoping that by the time we can afford our “dreams” he’ll want a more laid back lifestyle. It’s also possible that we won’t experience our dream living until we enter that sweet by and by at which point I assume teleporters will be available for use (how did we manage before teleportation?). Either way I’ll keep dog earing pages of my LL Bean catalogue and dreaming of a pine scented life.


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