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Pinterest Wednesdays.

Most of you have, I’m sure, discovered the glories that await on Pinterest. If you haven’t, I’m sorry for you, definitely check it out. If your wondering what it is, the best way I can describe it is a super fancy fun way to organize your internet bookmarks with pictures. It’s mostly fashion, home decor, recipes, and crafty projects. It’s fabulous. However, with such a wealth of ideas out there I often wonder when I “pin” something if it is actually going to turn out, bake up, clean, be as easy… as the pinner claims. With that in mind and inspired by my friend Beki who once did an entire month of cooking and serving all recipes she had pinned on Pinterest I bring you “Pinterest Wednesdays”. Where I will share with you something I did inspired by Pinterest and whether or not it was a flop. It could be any ol’ thing as long as it was initially inspired by something on Pinterest.

Today I bring you: APPLE PIE BREAKFAST.  The original post and recipe can be found on this blog here. This was sort of a baked oatmeal in the slow cooker kind of thing. Plus you use Irish oats. Does any thing sound better then Irish Oats on a cold fall morning? I was excited (yes I get excited about things like Irish oats). However, the actual directions instruct you to cook if for four to six hours and to stir every hour! Who only sleeps for four hours? Or were you suppose to eat breakfast four hours after you wake up? That’s crazy! And, who is going to get up and stir them every hour? Slow cookers are suppose to be more convenient not less so. There were instructions for if you were going to leave them with out stirring but with the warning that they might be mushy. I went for it any way.

The cast of ingredients.

The end result? Meh. Not bad, not great all in all pretty disappointing (which is what I’ve heard about that “eggless cookie dough” floating around on Pinterest too by the way). It needed more sweet, we had to add quite a bit of sugar after and it needed something crunchy like pecans or walnuts. It wasn’t bad after I doctored it up but I feel like if I have to do a lot of doctoring then the original pin is sort of a fail. I will say that the apples I used were sour (great baking apples) and maybe that makes a big difference.

Before it cooked all night.

I was so disappointed that I scoured the internet for another Irish oatmeal crock pot recipe and tried that one out this morning. It was pretty good much better then the first one. I think I just need to try making the oatmeal on the stove the old fashioned way. But oh man the idea of waking up to hot oats just keeps me wondering if there is a good recipe out there (that cooks long enough for me to actually sleep).

How I felt eating “apple pie breakfast”

Because, I don’t want to leave you newbies on a sour note (much like our oatmeal ha ha) I did want to mention this pin claiming to have the remedy to night time coughing for your children. After a nearly sleepless night of listening to SuperH cough his head off I was willing to try anything. This woman claimed that if you rubbed eucalyptus oil on the soles of their feet then covered with socks they would sleep without coughing. I read in the comments that several people used Vicks this way (beware if your child is asthmatic apparently Vicks can screw with that) as the first ingredient is eucalyptus and that’s what I had on hand so that is what I tried. It totally worked!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! We all slept. Seriously people why did I not know about this before now?

Any way, what great successes have you had from Pinterest? Any amazing failures or things to avoid?


I value your comments and read every one!

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