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Santa Came to Visit

My dear Aunt Clause. She’s too cute.

When you have a mother who sews you get a lot of perks. For instance you might get a special visit from Mr. and Mrs. Clause because Mrs. Clause needs a new apron and she has some unique specifications (as you would expect). Most children would consider this to be a huge bonus… most children… Indeed, my oldest son was stoked and chatted with the famous pair for quite a while. The neighbor children, while cautious, were soon won over by the jolly man’s charms. However, there was Conster, and he was NOT amused. He was so far from enthused that I would venture to say he may be traumatized, not the kind of traumatized that would require psychiatric help but certainly the kind that will dis-sway him from ever having a picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

This is what he did the entire time Santa and Mrs. Clause were at my house. He gave the impression that he was asleep, as he refused to open his eyes at all. However, since his grip was tighter then death, I was fairly certain he was awake. No amount of encouragement or begging would get him to open his eyes. Poor thing. I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Clause aren’t offended, I’m sure they’re used to this kind of thing and really three out of four kids isn’t bad.

What about you? Any traumatized Christmas memories? I find the best thing to assuage the pain of creepy santa’s past is to let us laugh with you and presents. Leave a comment on this post telling us your funny holiday memories to enter to win one of these Christmas gifts. I’ll pick a winner on boxing day December 26th because it’s a very british thing and I’m still finding myself taken with Anglophila

Some goodies for you; aprons, pincushions, nestlaces.
Plenty to go around so leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Santa Came to Visit

  1. Is it wrong to pick a memory of a warm day in December cutting down the Christmas tree? I think of dragging it through the mud, loading it in the car… I remember being seated safely up front on moms lap and then suddenly hearing my sisters screaming πŸ˜‰ the tree was full of bugs and our Dear Writer was squished in the back with the tree and its host of creepy little bugs all the way home! Lol sorry Jess, just hoping to spread some holiday creeps!

  2. LOL, Jessie! I love your blog! As far as tramatizing, I would have to say when I was little and my brother was trying to convince me to go to bed early so Santa could visit. Of course I wanted to stay up to see him! I tried so hard to stay awake! I dozed off and woke up in time to see my brother with 2 brooms in the front yard making tracks. ….I was devastated! LOL. Jennifer C

  3. She is the best Mrs. Clause ever!!! So glad that you could help her out. It makes her new apron that much more special. I can't think of one traumatizing Christmas thing. All of my thoughts of Christmas are all good thoughts. This year was the first time in long time that I really missed being little and going through the excitement of Christmas Eve with my Brother & Sister. I love my life but still cherish the memories of my Childhood Christmas' with all of us meeting at Grandma's. Ha as I write this I guess that would be my traumatizing Christmas thing, When we all stopped going to Grammy & Papa's house for Christmas. New traditions have taken it's place but still feels like something is missing every year.

  4. My funny Christmas memory would be my uncle "accidentally" handing me his rum/coke instead of my coke. I was 11, so my mom did not think it was funny. He laughed hysterically…he' s a little odd.

  5. I think it's hilarious that he pretended to be asleep!! My parents were just telling the story of how they took me to see Santa when I was 1 and I apparently hated him and threw quite a fit. It's probably a good thing I don't remember it because it sounds traumatic! Hope you had a merry Christmas!!

  6. I was probably 15, my Dad got the biggest tree ever, and I was stoked. I was helping him put up the tree in the stand…and it proceeded to sway and fall over on me. Luckily I was in the corner, so it didn't crush me. πŸ™‚ I was a little sappy, and I think we laughed for five minutes straight! I enjoy reading your blog Jessie, you re a talented writer. :)-Erin Kidd

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