Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Two.

The boys and I braved the roads today to go out and find plenty of red and PINK felt, sparkly stick on hearts and peanut butter. The peanut butter is really just because we’re out and it is against my own personal rules to live in a house with out peanut butter. It’s groundhog day and I’m afraid the snow is thumbing it’s nose at the groundhog and his lack of shadow.

One of the things the boys and I bought after we slipped and slid our way to the grocery store was candy bars to make a love card for Brian. The idea is based off this pin. This was really fun and easy. I’m sure my husband will like it.


All this chocolate got me wondering what you would love to get for the big day? Personally I do love a good box of chocolates (as far as sweets are concerned) but, maybe you just adore dark chocolate snickers (also an amazing choice). I love the glimpse that candy offers into a person’s personality. For instance, did you know that one of my very favorite things is nutty bars and swiss cake rolls? I can’t help myself they’re soooo good. Let us know what your sweet treat is in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Two.

  1. I love dark chocolate in it’s many wonderful forms! As for Valetine’s day I do appreciate a nice box of Godiva truffles! 🙂

      1. My favorite is the good old fashioned box of Russell Stovers, but you have to get the carmel and nut chews one. It does not have any of the nasty cream ones. It has milk and dark chocolate and chewy carmels in differant flavors. Some with nuts, some without. There is one that is a maple chew…..oh my so yummy. And although my hubby is very romantic and I usually get flowers he can never remember which box to get, so I get it for myself!

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