Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Three and Four.

Yesterday was the super bowl and a sunday, of course, so it was a bit of a mad rush. Last year I tried my hand at making pretzel bites and they were amazing but way too much work. Well, a friend of mine found a different recipe for big soft pretzels and said it was fantastic. I decided to try it again because what a fabulous football food. They were amazing!! So good and I can only imagine that they would be better fresh from the oven. They were pretty fast to make and very simple. Recipe hereImage

Today (day four) I am sending something to my beautiful sisters and my sweet, delicious baby nephew. I don’t get jealous of my sisters very often but sometimes a little piece of me is sad when they get to hang out and I don’t, especially when this smiling baby is involved! ImageIf I could teleport to anywhere it would be to have coffee with them so I’m sending them my love in a knitted coffee sleeve, Starbucks gift card included. Knitting is slow and hard but I am getting slightly better and these tiny sleeves are just the ticket. Here is the original pin that gave me the idea (though if it weren’t for my wonderful knitting tutor I would not have them done at all).



The baby who causes my heart to squeeze is getting two fresh new baprons (baby apron, or basically a bib that covers more). I love to make these because they’re cute and quick (and reversible). Seriously sewing for a baby is such a joy!Image


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