Fourteen Days of Valentines Day Five.


Sticky Buns and coffee!
Sticky Buns and coffee!

Tuesdays are staff meeting days at the Church so it was pretty obvious that todays goodie should be for the hardworking ministers of my church (it doesn’t hurt that my husband is one of those ministers and that one of my closest friends is the administrator). They are so appreciative of good treats and let me tell you this is a good treat.

These sticky buns are one of those things that will make people remember your name. I’m not the funniest or prettiest or most clever but I am the girl who makes from scratch sticky buns. It’s an “America’s Test Kitchen” recipe that will change your life. It’s a fairly lengthy and involved recipe, not for the faint of heart, but oh so worth it! I always make them for Christmas morning and as soon as they’re gone I get this desperate feeling that I’ll never have them again (food doesn’t make you feel that way?). I have to talk myself down by planning the next time I’ll make and eat them (yes, I benefit from this days treat as well.)

I hope your day is as sweet and delicious as mine!


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