Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Seven

This post is going to be a little bit different. Different because I’ve been dying to talk to you guys about something really awesome! I not only know, but am good friends with, a professional novelest. Oh yes friends I actually know someone who has a book you can buy for real money. One would assume that a person who actually completes a book would be a bit strange, or stuffy. But not my Susie! She’s simply fantastic and maybe just a bit cooky (you’d have to be, really, to keep writing words every day.) but she’s my kind of cooky; sweet, funny, deep and wonderful.

When I was younger and people I was close to experienced success I would feel like a failure. I would feel like since they accomplished that thing I couldn’t. I hope this is maturity but I don’t feel that way this time. Susie is so gracious and so encouraging and she has inspired me so much. I feel like if she (a published woman) thinks I can do it then maybe I can. Of course, I need to start working my butt off much harder then I have been (Susie worked so so hard) and make goals and decisions that lead me down that path but I believe, now more then ever, that it’s possible.

Okay enough about that what you really want to know is was the book any good? Friends, let me start by saying I was a little nervous to read this much-anticipated-book. What if I didn’t like it? Worse, what if I didn’t “get it”? I didn’t need to worry it was beautiful. Susie Finkbeiner’s book “Paint Chips” while dealing with some very serious and real topics was filled with beauty and humor and most of all redemption. I find so many times that books have to either end with every thing completely fine, ignoring real psychological damage that would have happened to those characters, or it ends with complete sadness. Life is full of enough sadness of it’s own shouldn’t art lift us up and give us hope? Susie’s book certainly did. If you haven’t read it yet please do I think you’ll see why it was such an accomplishment (click here to see a video preview of the book). Also check out Susie’s blog, always entertaining often insightful and frequently funny.

In a couple days I’ll actually sit down and post an interview with Susie which I think you’ll all love. And, because it’s day seven of our valentines extravaganza todays craft was a bit on the writer’s side. Susie pushed me to join/start a writer’s group here in BC and that group has made a huge impact in my writing life. So todays goodies are pen holders for the other group members. Just big enough to fit a couple pens in for easy access in editing each other’s work.


Check back tomorrow because tomorrow might just entail a giveaway for you lovely folks (including a pen holder of your own, and some writing inspired jewelry). Since everything is so novel inspired over here tell me, what is your favorite love story?



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