Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Eight

For some reason I really wanted to start this post “Ahoy there maties” but there is nothing nautical about this entry. Seriously, we got snow dumped on us last night and my back and butt are so tired from blowing out the driveways! I’m a bit tired from the extra noise from snowed in children (though I still think a snow day is really fun). The snow is beautiful, really inspiring. 

Two poetry candles, two coffee cozies (one with a Starbucks gift card) a chap stick holder a pen holder and a novel inspired necklace (because Valentines isn’t complete without a little sparkle) by Susie Finkbeiner (this necklace is inspired by The Wizard of Oz).

We’re over halfway through Fourteen Days of Valentines and my sewing room is a complete wreck. My ironing board is covered with thread and bits of fabric and ideas piled to the ceiling. That is a sign of a productive week! Today I am giving chap stick holders to two lovely and busy mom friends of mine. They’re super and the weather has been extra dry and cold so I figured the least they deserved was easy access to their lip moisturizing products (original pin here). Beki and Jen are always there for me to chat with and commiserate with (not that we would ever do such a thing) and I am so grateful that they are not only in my life but that their children are as well. I grew up with Aunts and cousins around constantly and I’m glad my boys get to have something like that in their lives as well.


Today I’m also starting the blogy giveaway because you all make me feel so special. Sailing through this journey we call life (see I did bring it back around). I’ve got at least seven things I want to share with you (maybe more by the time the 14th rolls around) so leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite love story is or who is your favorite couple (we won’t even judge you too harshly if it’s Bella and Edward, though Catniss and Peta would be more acceptable) . Subscribe to my blog and I’ll enter your name a second time. At Christmas everyone who left a comment won something so don’t be shy! I’ll draw names on February 14th.



18 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Eight

  1. My favorite is love story starts in Genesis chapter 29. Jacob just deceived his family and ran away so his brother wouldn’t kill him. He went to a distant uncle’s house and fell in love with the beautiful Rachel. On their wedding night Uncle Laban tricked Jacob and woke up married to Rachel’s older sister Leah (who had squinty eyes). He ended up married to both sisters and tney were mean to each other (surprise, surprise).
    Eventually, Rachel’s true colors come out. She lies and she steals from her Dad. They decide to go back to Jacob’s family home. On the way, Rachel dies in child birth. They simply bury her on the side of the road. It wouldn’t have been difficult for them to even get the body later, but it doesn’t ever happen.
    Years later, we read the real end of the story in Genesis chapter 50. After everything Rachel and Leah go through (much more than I’ve written hear), it is Leah that Jacob honors at the end of the lives. She is the one that he buries in the family tomb along with Abraham and Sarah, and Issac and Rebecka. My husband’s Uncle VT calls this the Greatest Love Story Never told.

  2. my favorite couple is Katniss and Peeta but you already knew that Jesse haha my heart jumped when i saw that you mentioned them 🙂

      1. This is totally true. When I met John I told him I wouldn’t marry anyone that wasn’t like my Uncle Steve. He has very big shoes to fill but he so far has done a great job. I loved growing up with you guys and being apart of how much they loved each other and all of us.

  3. I am suprised how hard this question is. I will be a complete nerd and say Aang and Kottara. I just finished rewatching Avatar. 🙂

  4. I find this to be a hard question. Between amazing couples in my life, fictional couples, and historical couples my mind is reeling. So I will pick one from each. My parents are an amazing couple and truly an example of living a loving life with someone. Fictional would have to be beauty and the beast. Historical would be Mary and Joseph.

  5. Hmm…I guess I’d have to say that my favorite fictional couple is Katherine and Petruchio from Taming of the Shrew. Real couple? My Great-Uncle Ken and Great-Aunt Bertha. They served together, laughed a whole lot and raised an incredible family. Just thinking about them makes me smile. 🙂

  6. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Ha ha ha. Got ya!

    I’d have to say Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. They have been together forever and have never been with anyone else. Even when she left him, they were miserable and wanted to be together. They are so much in love. They laugh, they fight, but you can always tell they are each others most important person.

  7. Oh Jessie, I love your Valentines Sparkly attitude. You might even convert this old Scrooge! lol. Favorite couples. Well Anne and Gilbert for sure. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Sigh. Or maybe Emma and Mr Knightley. See I’m in a better mood already! Sigh. Your give aways are always so lovely!

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