Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day 10

Happy Sunday to you all. The house is quiet as I write this. The boys are asleep and their father is somewhere doing something that probably involved electronics. I am drinking coffee and munching on a peanut butter cookie from Panera Bread (have you ever had their cookies? Oh mama!) I don’t make it a rule to always get a treat to take home from Panera but this morning I made double chocolate cheesecake muffins for my Sunday school class. They smelled amazing! Alas I can’t have cheesecake anything so I felt I deserved the cookie!!


I love teenagers. I love teaching the high school class. I know so many people are frightened of this age group but honestly stick me in a room full of toddlers and I almost have a panic attack. To those of you who love small children in large groups (I prefer them a few at a time) I say “Thank you for watching my kids, so I can be with the high schoolers, where I can talk about important things like ‘The Hunger Games’, and ‘Vampire Diaries'”.

Are these muffins residing on an air hockey table? Why yes they are.

Where was I? Oh yes, day 10. I made the most chocolaty yummy muffins I could imagine and they were well received. Teenagers are so easy, all you have to do is feed them! I love feeding people! It’s a win win. 

I hope your enjoying your Sunday. Please, please enter to win my giveaway I desperately want to know who your favorite couples throughout history and fiction are and I want to send you a Valentine! 


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